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It's easy to use Web Services, if you're using credits purely on a public facing website then you only need to purchase a 'Pay as you go' credit bundle. If you intend to use the credits both internally, for example a call centre or within an office environment, and externally, you need to purchase a credit bundle, as below, and the appropriate number of user licenses OR purchase the Internal Pay as you Go credit packs; similarly if you are using the credits only internally then you need to purchase a 'pay as you go' credit bundle and the appropriate number of user licenses OR on of the Internal Pay as you Go Credit packs. With ePostcode, you can use a single credit pack across multiple user licenses, so you simply pay for what you use. 

As of April 10 there's a new internal use licence available that enables unlimited lookups  without the need to purchase any user licences. To take advantage of this offer all you have to do is purchase internal 'pay as you go' credit packs.  Credit packs for internal use cost considerably more because of the additional license fees payable to the Royal Mail. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.

Full PAF 1000 Credits
Full PAF 100 Credits
Full PAF 2500 Credits
Full PAF 5000 Credits
Full PAF 10,000 Credits
Full PAF 20,000 Credits
Full PAF 40,000 Credits
Full PAF 80,000 Credits