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How can I use the ePostcode web service?

There are currently three separate complete web services for epostcode.

The full URL addresses of the ePostcode web services are:  (Current)  (Deprecated 30/01/09) (Deprecated)

There is also a fully redundant backup service available in the unlikely event of the primary epostcode web server going offline.

The full URL addresses of the ePostcode backup web services are:  (Current)  (Deprecated 30/01/09) (Deprecated)

These services are also available securely via SSL (https) to enable seemless integration with secure web pages and applciations. If you click on each of the links you will be taken a page where you will find everything you need to consume the web service as well as a list of the methods available. The deprecated web services have been superceded by postcodeservices09.asmx. We are in the process of updating our documentation and code samples to relate to the postcodeservices09.asmx service that contains a more integrated and detailed set of Web Services.

From the links above you can get a formal definition or Web Service Description Language (WSDL) of the service by clicking on the Service Description link. This WSDL is all that developers need to enable them to integrate the service into a website, intranet or desktop application.

If you are interested in integrating ePostcode have a look at our Developer Centre where you will find code samples and downloads that should help you to get started. Have a go, it's a lot easier than you might think.

What functions does the ePostcode web service provide?

The ePostcode web service functions are listed below. For a more detailed description of these methods click on the corresponding link.

Search Premise The Search Premise functions allow you to search for Address Premises. An Address Premise is a Unique Delivery Point and a search will return a collection of 'List Address' and Unique_Identifiers for all the delivery points for the criteria in the search.
Search Thoroughfare The Search Thoroughfare functions allow you to search for Address Thoroughfares. An Address Thoroughfare is a Unique Street and Locality Location and a search will return a collection of 'List Address' and Unique_Identifiers for all the thoroughfares for the criteria in the search.
Nearest Data The Nearest functions return information about the distance between a datum postcode and a single reference postcode or list of reference postcodes.
Geographics The Geographic functions return geographics information for a postcode or list of postcodes.
Get Address The GetPremiseAddress functions return the full Postal Address of a Premise based on the Unique Delivery Point ID.

Please Note: We have recently updated the web service and added new functionality for Geographic Data and 'Nearest To' Data as well as a major upgrade to our Address and Postcode Lookup functions. Because of this some of our downloads are currently unavailable. We are endeavouring to get these published as soon as possible. Maenwhile if you require any assistance with integration please give us a call.

Error Codes

When attempting to consume the ePostcode web services, you may receive a numeric return code.  These codes are detailed on the Return Codes page.