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We help charities, public sector organisations and businesses who need access to a quick, secure, reliable and low cost postcode address management and lookup web service.

We have been providing services to businesses, charities and organisations since 2006. As a licensed partner of the Royal Mail PAF database we deliver one of the most cost effective, highest performing postcode address management and lookup services currently available within the UK. 

We would love to be able to add your organisation to our growing list of customers so that you too can begin to improve the accuracy of your address data while reducing costs. Why not sign up or contact us today to find out how you can realise instant savings without compromising on performance and security. 

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Developer friendly provides a range of useful web services that you can include in your website, back office system or web application.

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Why would you choose anyone else? is not only for charities and organisations that are looking to use postcode address management software for the first time; it is also for businesses and organisations that are already using address management services from other suppliers and are looking to trim costs.

For a limited time only, we are offering a free transfer service, whereby we will undertake any coding to switch from any third party integration to our own service at no charge.

With prices as low as 1.7p per lookup, we guarantee to offer the best value over any other licenced PAF provider in the UK.

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Our Services

Return codes

A Return Code is included in every record returned to the user when a call is made to the functions of the ePostcode web service (except ServiceTest)

Service Test

The ServiceTest function returns the status of the service and the number of credits currently available


The Geographic functions return geographics information for a postcode or list of postcodes.

Nearest data

The Nearest functions return information about the distance between a datum postcode and a single reference postcode or list of postcodes


The Search Premise functions allow you to search for addresses from the full Royal Mail PAF file. An address is a Unique Delivery Point (UDP) and a lookup on this service will return an individual address.

eSortcode is a leading web-based UK and IRISH bank and sort code web service based validation solution.

Through integration of eSortcode checker and finder software you will notice a direct positive impact on your administration costs and customer satisfaction through ensuring that bank details you are processing are both valid and accurate. 

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