Our always low price guarantee ensures instant savings without compromising performance, security or service

To start making instant savings and to ensure there is no reason not to switch to ePostcode.com, we are offering a free integration service to all new customers that use alternative address management services in the UK.  We will re-work the scripts and coding of your existing installation to ensure you can transfer to using ePostcode.com without any cost risk to you.

Purchase Options

Pay as you go credit packs are added to your primary account key following successful completion of the checkout process. The monthly plan is a monthly subscription option and the amount debited each month from your chosen payment method. The selected credit pack size will then be added to the primary key. Each month, the system will attempt payment for an additonal credit bundle and on successful payment, credits will again be added to the primary account key. Credits can be transferred between any of your active account keys at any time, from within the 'Manage Keys' tab on your account dashboard.
Drag the slider below to modify the number of credits required.

Credits can be used to perform postcode lookups. Credits are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
Credits Pack Size: 100
Price Per Credit: £0.025
Credit Pack Price: £2.50
Total (excl VAT) : £2.50
Total (inc VAT) : £3.00

Our 'always low price guarantee' explained

ePostcode is not only one of the most established postcode address management services in the UK, having launched our first web service in the summer of 2006, but we also promise to offer the best value.

Now that transactional postcode lookup services have become common place and some might say more of a commodity rather than an unique offering, we have introduced our 'always low price guarantee', to ensure that we remain the most cost effective address management service in the UK, both now and in the future.  We want to ensure that once you've switched to ePostcode, there would be no reason to go anywhere else.

We do this to not only offer great value to our customers but also with the assurance that we don't compromise on the performance and security of our search services, that our customers have rightly come to expect.


We don't compromise on performance or security and neither should you

Our high performance platform has evolved over the years to provide one of the highest performing most reliable search engine within the industry and has been developed from the ground up to meet the address management needs and requirements of any size of business. 

Access to our fully provisioned, online portal enables you to perform instant lookups against PAF and to manage your account with ease. You can setup automated renewals and gain instant access to your usage logs, enabling you to audit and track usage over time. 

Our automated email and SMS alerting service keeps you informed of service updates and the status of your account at all times. Simply add your email address and mobile number to your account and we'll do the rest. 


A simple and transparent transactional lookup service

Our pricing is simple and transparent; simply choose the number of credits or user licenses required by using the simply slider bar above and we will instantly calculate the cost.  Then simply sign up to gain instant access to our service and to receive your unique API license account code and key via email.

We charge on a straight forward pay per click credit system:

  • Search Premise Functions - 0 Credits*
  • Search Thoroughfare Functions - 0 Credits*
  • Nearest Data Functions - 1 Credit for every 5 returned**
  • Geographic Functions - 1 Credit
  • Get PAF Address - 1 Credit

* - These functions are used in conjunction with the get address lookup functions which satisfy the PAF licencing conditions. Searching our service generally consumes 0 credits, it is only when a Get Address Lookup call is made that a PAF credit is taken for licencing purposes.  If 5 multiple searches are performed, without calling our PAF credit service, we count these towards credit usage for billing purposes.

** - The nearest data function is charged on the number of records returned from a specific search. If you wish to find the nearest 5 addresses from a specific postcode, you can upload as many postcodes to match against as required, along with the number of 'nearest' postcodes to be returned. If you return the nearest 5 addresses you will be charged 1 credit. If you ask for up to 10 to be returned you would be charged 2 credits, etc.

Do you require user licensing?

We are leading the way in providing an easy to manage web service based address management solution and we are still able to offer a fully managed web service for your addressing needs, even if you require a 'per user' licence.  We would now suggest however, that moving away from a user license model to a transactional model is likely to result in immediate cost savings and improved service.   Also, by moving to the transactional model, all the Royal Mail licensing conditions are automatically met and we automatically update the Royal Mail with your transactional usage. 

If you require any information as to how you can ensure your organisation is and can remain compliant with the PAF Licences agreement, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the PAF Licence conditions with you.

Please note that credit packs themselves are valid for 12 months from time of purchase and will automatically expire at that time. This is a requirement of the Royal Mail licensing rather than a limitation of our service. Also, when registering with ePostcode.com you are agreeing to the Royal Mail licencing conditions, as well as our standard Terms of Use.