About our ePostcode.com service

What is ePostcode.com?

ePostcode.com is a web service that will save your business time and money!

In short, ePostcode.com is one of the quickest and simplest address and location management web service available.  It enables any website, intranet or extranet application direct access the Royal Mail PAF database , in real-time. You can use ePostcode.com credits for both internal and external use simultaneously. There is no need for separate credit packs. It's that simple!

Automated sorting at Royal Mail is up to 20 times faster than by hand; incomplete addresses cause delays...

Ever navigated away from a website because you didn't have the time to complete a contact form? Ever sent out literature or products, only to have them returned due to wrong address details? Frustrating, isn't it? But with ePostcode.com, our web based address finder, you can relax in the knowledge that you're gathering accurate address details and encouraging contact....

So, what are the benefits?

  • Easy To Use - All you need is a connection to the Internet and you can start to use the ePostcode service today.
  • Low Cost - Each lookup or validation uses one credit and costs as little as 2p
  • Saves Time & Money - Using ePostcode ensures reliable and correct Address details at point of data capture - saving you time and money fixing costly mistakes.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Simplifies the process of entering address details for the customer/user and dramatically reduces inaccuracies.
  • Reduces Mistakes - Ensures that sales are not lossed due to inaccurate data and also allows you to create and build up an accurate and complete deatabase.
  • Managed Database - All data is managed and updated by the ePostcode team at our data-centres.
  • Anytime -Anywhere - As long as you have signed up for an account you can use the webservice anywhere in the world at any time - day or night.
  • Integrates With All Technologies - ePostcode uses the latest xml web service technology allowing users to integrate the service with any platform.
  • Code Samples - To help developers get started there are a number of code samples and downloads using different technologies.

What functions does ePostcode provide?

  • Search Premise - The Search Premise functions allow you to search for Address Premises. An Address Premise is a Unique Delivery Point and a search will return a collection of 'List Address' and Unique_Identifiers for all the delivery points for the criteria in the search.
  • Search Thoroughfare - The Search Thoroughfare functions allow you to search for Address Thoroughfares. An Address Thoroughfare is a Unique Street and Locality Location and a search will return a collection of 'List Address' and Unique_Identifiers for all the thoroughfares for the criteria in the search.
  • Nearest Data - The Nearest functions return information about the distance between a datum postcode and a single reference postcode or list of reference postcodes.
  • Geographics - The Geographic functions return geographics information for a postcode or list of postcodes. Get Address - The GetPremiseAddress functions return the full Postal Address of a Premise based on the Unique Delivery Point ID.

Service and Infrastructure

In order to provide a world class service to our customers, Etellect partners with IOmart and uses its Tier 3 state of the art data centres to provide a fast and reliable cloud based infrastructure.

We understand that our clients require a reliable, secure and responsive web service application at all times and our hosting platform has been engineered to provide full 24/7 availability, scalability and guaranteed accessibility.

Our primary domain is ws.epostcode.com and this is hosted on a fast multi-homed DNS service to ensure seamless transfer of service from our primary to backup infrastructure.  This is a seamless process to ensure your access to epostcode.com remains active at all times in the unlikely event of our primary infrastructure experiences any downtime.





PAF End User License

Please note that by registering to use ePostcode.com you agree and are bound by the PAF Direct End User Licence Agreement as downloadable here.

Please also note that as ePostcode.com has no means of verifying how the PAF data is being used within any specific organisation. It is therefore the responsibility of each End User organisation that signs up with ePostcode.com that they remain compliant with the Royal Mail's Licence terms as detailed below. To comply with the Royal Mail's Reseller Licence Agreement, ePostcode.com sends the details of all registered transactions, along with the organisation contact information,  the Royal Mail AMU Reseller Unit on a regular basis.  This is a necessary requirement of consuming the PAF database within the UK. 

The good news is that consuming ePostcode.com, as it's a transactional service, all the licensing arrangements are taken care for you on your behalf, so by using ePostcode.com you can be assured that your organisation remains fully compliant with the Royal Mail licensing terms and conditions. How's that for peace of mind?